Monday, December 6, 2010

And the winner is...

We have selected the winning title for RC Economics Program newsletter.  As many of you know, we held a Newsletter Title Contest (entries could be made on this blog.)  We had over 50 submissions. 

Two young ladies submitted the same winning entry, so we actually gave out two first place prizes. 

Meghan Sacco and Katie d'Esterhazy both submitted "Roanomics" and won $25 gift cards to Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea. 

The runner-up was so close and so good that we also awarded a $10 gift card for it.  Laura Landis submitted "On Demand" for the runner-up prize.

Thanks to all who participated.  Remember that if you would like to receive Roanomics, our electronic newsletter, please go to the "Contact Information" tab and fill in your information.

The Volume 1, Issue 1 will be sent out March 2011.

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