Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Job Candidate #1

The RC Economics Program is currently conducting a job search for two Visiting Assistant Professors of Economics.  In the 2011-12 AY both Dr. Kassens and Dr. Nik-Khah will be on sabbatical, and there is a need to fill their classes (but not them...they are irreplaceable of course.)

We posted our job ad on JOE in November and received over 150 applications. 

The four economists met in December to review the applications and developed a list of our top choices.  From there, Dr. Garry Fleming called those attending the January AEA Meeting in Denver to set up interviews.  Dr. Fleming and Dr. Nik-Khah conducted over 10 interviews in Denver.

Fleming and Nik-Khah came away from the meetings with a better feel for the applicant pool and their potential fit for RC and our needs (largely principles).  Dr. Fleming extended a few on-campus interview invitations after approval from our Department Chair (McCart) and Dean (Smith).

The first of our on-campus interviews took place on Monday.  Miao Chi visited RC from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.  Rollins is similar to RC in that it is a small liberal arts college.  Currently Miao Chi is a Visiting Instructor of Economics teaching several courses, including principles.  Chi  did her PhD work in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Her specializations include labor and demographic economics, applied microeconomics, immigration economics, applied econometrics. 

Miao's day started with breakfast with Nik-Khah. (Who could ask for more? That might have sealed the deal right then and there!)  Chi then met with several faculty members (McCart, Velazquez) and the big cheeses across campus including the Dean.  After a short lunch break Miao visited with Kassens, Lynch, and Hutkin.  At 2:15 she delivered a fantastic presentation on economic growth in China (she is from Beijing) in Fleming's Money and Banking class.  Her last stop for the day was dinner at Mac and Bob's with Drs. Lyon, Fleming, and Kassens where Fleming shared his secrets of the 4-hour body (not kidding...ask him about it!)

Stay tuned for updates on our other candidates and the final decision!

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  1. Sadly, Miao accepted a tenure-track position at another institution and is out of the running for one of our Visiting positions.


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