Friday, September 9, 2011

American Jobs Act Twitter Project

Students enrolled in Dr. Alice Louise Kassens ECON 122 (Principles of Macroeconomics) and ECON 267 (Labor Economics) were given an assignment based upon President Obama's September 8 Job's Speech in which he described his American Jobs Act.

Students were required to watch the speech and write a 400-word brief from the perspective of either the Republican or Democrat leadership (students' choice).  They brought these briefs to class on September 9 and got into small groups of students writing from the same perspective.  In their group, they shared the contents of their brief and put together a Tweet (147 characters) that the Republicans or Democrats might write.

The purpose of the assignment was to keep students aware of current issues in America and link material learned in class to the world around them.

The students in both courses were fairly evenly split between writing from the RNC or DNC perspective.  The classroom was abuzz as they shared their thoughts and summarized them into a Tweet.

Collectively there were 8 Tweets, 4 from each course.  Those Tweets are being released today on the Roanoke College Economics Program Twitter account.  In case you don't Tweet, they can be seen below.

ECON 122 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
#americanjobsact is our key to the future.  “Made in America” is our American dream.  Put America on top!

Pass this job bill now!” Heard that 20 times.  RNC urged to pass the bill without any idea of how to fund it #americanjobsact

Obama plans to stimulate with New Deal-esque plan, tax reform and spending cuts.  Business and personal tax cuts will encourage hiring and spending

The President’s plan has already been attempted and failed.  This proposal adds more debt to nation and puts a burden on tax payers.  Government spending is the last thing we need

ECON 267 Labor Economics

We’re bringing jobs back to Americans through spending on infrastructure and public schools.  Hopefully this is the boost the economy needs!

Let’s end this political circus & put our parties aside, reform taxes, increase our foreign exports, and rebuild America while rebuilding American lives

AJA is self-defeating.  What makes this different from Stimulus 1?  Why increase our debt when you could lower the deficit?

Hopefully the DNC & RNC can come together to pass the Jobs Act to boost the economy through education, infrastructure, & incentives for small businesses & the middle class

What would you Tweet?  Share with us!  Add your Tweet to the comment section below.

The Tweets do not reflect the opinion of Roanoke College, the Economics Program, or Dr. Alice Louise Kassens.  Additionally, they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the students as they were not required to choose the perspective that they personally believe in.  This project was adopted from William M Rodgers of Rutgers University and modified for Roanoke College courses.

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