Friday, September 23, 2011

Presidential Debate Twitter Project

Kassens Principles of Macroeconomics and Labor Economics courses again did a Twitter Project in which they watched the Presidential Debate last night, wrote a brief from the perspective of either the RNC or DNC, then discussed their briefs in groups today in class and put a Tweet together.

Some great conversations were going and applications of class material were heard all over the classroom. 

Students in the Principles course did not like hearing the bickering going on between candidates and wished that the contenders were more specific about their plans.

Students in the Labor course wondered if reducing corporate taxes to induce job creation would actually work as it still might be cheaper to outsource jobs or substitute labor with capital (as grocery stores do with self-checkout lines.)

A great way to spend the class period on a rainy Friday.  In case you don't Tweet, below are their entries (that can be found at @roanokeecon)

Principles of Macroeconomics

Last night’s debate shows voters that republicans r ready 2 make big changes 2 tax code, gov spending, immigration, & healthcare.
Ongoing battle between Perry & Romney is only starting 2 heat up. Discussion of tax cuts 4 small business & middle class #gopdebate
#RNC see I 2 I in repealing #Obamacare, lowering taxes, cre8ing bus friendly enviro. RNC 2 adjust energy, SS, & illegal immigration plans
Same policies, different deb8. RNC plans 2 “lay back” as corps take control. Need a stable candidate who is confident in their stance #DNC
Labor Economics
Hard to believe the same corporations who moved jobs abroad will be willing to bring jobs back #realtalk #changewecabelievein
GOP candidates tossed out some ideas on fixing the economy but based on the past, we are skeptical if they will work
#RNC is united against Obama & 4 tax re4m, human capital improvement & guarding our border

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