Thursday, December 29, 2011

Economists are poets too!

Dr. Darshak Patel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, had his students write some poems in the final weeks of fall classes as a stress reliever.  We will share them with you as a two part series over the coming weeks.  Enjoy!

This semester went so fast
I can't believe I had enough gas
I learned a lot about elasticity
I know that includes electricity
For the future I can graph supply and demand
I just want to go back to my homeland.
-David Nahigian

Econ, its really cool
Probably my favorite subject in school
I wake up early to draw some graphs
Thank God I made myself half and half
So now I'm ready for the day
And learn Econ the Patel way
-Ian Webster

Patel teaches economics
He teaches the best he can
Economics is boring
So I think it should be banned (no offense :))
-Lauren Marszal

You can shift it to the left
Or shift it to the right
But when studying supply and demand
Like Muhammad Ali
It will ruin your night
-Garrick Dawson

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