Thursday, January 12, 2012

Economists are poets too! Part two

Dr. Darshak Patel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, had his students write some poems in the final weeks of fall classes as a stress reliever.  This is the second part to the two part series.  Enjoy!

Supply and demand will always have curves
Factors will shift the two and get on some nerves
Whether elastic or not
It can still be hard to plot
Monopolies will reign
Even when the economy is going down the drain
-Gil Long

What I want is in high demand
It is something that I really can't stand
The price of the good is way too high
It is something that I cannot buy
But will the benefits outweigh the costs?
Someone help me I am lost
Adam Smith what do you think?
Will you help me work out this kink?
Adam tells me incentives matter
Should I climb this financial ladder?
The good is really important
I think I should go for it
I decide to buy the product
I figured I shouldn't doubt it
I am happy with my purchase
I don't know why I was nervous!
-Amanda Stewart

When price is less than average variable cost
Your company is lost
Don't worry about it, don't wear a frown
Its in your best interest to just shut down

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