Monday, August 13, 2012

Resources for undergraduate researchers in economics

Below is a link to a variety of resources for undergraduate researchers. All economics majors are required to take several courses in which a research project is a required component. Others take on additional independent studies or conduct research with faculty. Regardless of your situation, the following link will help you find funding resources and undergraduate journals and conferences. Other resources are available from the Office of Student/Faculty Research at Roanoke College.

If you are interested in conducting undergraduate research in economics or have questions about the Economics Program's empirical research course, ECON 448, please contact Dr. Alice Louise Kassens.

Read about projects by undergraduate researchers in economics on the Maroons in Action.

Economics Minor Justin Tuma '11 in the news

Roanoke College published an article on Economics Minor Justin Tuma `11.

Justin completed his graduate degree at Durham University and is returning to Virginia to coach lacrosse at Randolph Macon.

Read the story here: