Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Updates on our recent graduates

Several weeks have passed since the Class of 2013 graduated. Good news for many of them and other recent graduates continue to roll in. Some highlights include:

Brunella Salazar `13
Source: Roanoke College Facebook page

Yahia Abu Hashem `12 will start on his PhD in Economics at American University in the fall. He was awarded a four year fellowship.

James Bradshaw `13 will start an MS program in Economics at Lehigh University in the fall.

Zach Birtsch `13 will begin a masters program for College Student Personnel Administration at JMU in the fall.

Ian Kervick-Jimenez `13 will work as an intern with the Central Bank of Peru in September.

Wai Paing `12 will begin a masters program in economics at Duke University in the fall.

Kerry Murphy `13 is an accounting analyst at Energy Services Holdings in Roanoke, VA

Brunella Salazar `13 is working for Kissito Healthcare International in Roanoke, VA and is currently creating a social program to help the local community.

Chanho Song `12 will begin a masters program for economic development at Vanderbilt University in the fall.

Katie Thornton `13 will begin a masters program in statistics at Virginia Tech this fall.

Congrats to all! You certainly make Roanoke College proud. Keep sending us updates.