Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Record Setting Performance by the 2013 Roanoke College Fed Challenge Team

L to R: Altier, Classen, Long, Walsh, Webb, Alexander, Lewin

Roanoke College, led by Michelle (Alexander) Crook, has sent almost ten teams to compete in the College Fed Challenge. Given our geography, we send our group to the regional competition in Richmond, VA.

Over the years the teams from Roanoke College have included our top economics and business students.

For the first time in Roanoke College history, our College Fed Challenge Team advanced beyond the first round; a remarkable achievement.

Professor Crook selects her Fed Challenge Team in the spring and summer. Selected students (~6) work throughout the semester developing a presentation for the competition. In their presentation they must analyze the current economic condition of the United States and make a monetary policy recommendation. Their audience is a panel of judges who work for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. After the presentation the panelists ask the team questions which the team must answer immediately.

The development of the presentation takes considerable time and effort. Students typically assign tasks and economic indicators (ex. unemployment and inflation) and become experts on their area. As a group they develop a script to go with a visual presentation (our group used Prezi). The script is usually memorized for the event in Richmond.

Teams from across the region compete in Richmond in the first round; four teams advance to the second round.

In the second round teams are given a scenario and five minutes to prepare a policy recommendation for the same panel of judges and then face additional questions.

November 4, 2013, JMU won the regional competition. Roanoke College was joined in the second round by JMU, Mary Washington University, and the University of Richmond. Other schools competing in Richmond this year were Christopher Newport University, the College of William and Mary, Liberty University, Lynchburg College, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Virginia Union University.

Roanoke College's Economics Program is so very proud of our 2013 Fed Challenge Team:

Coach: Michelle (Alexander) Crook

Team: Greg Long, Sean Walsh, Emma Webb, Conrad Classen, Robert Altier, and Spencer Lewin

If you see Coach Crook or our team around campus be sure to congratulate them.

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